The problemOvercoming Heat Challenges

In the realm of advanced electronics, managing internal heat is a critical challenge. Overheating can lead to reduced efficiency, shorter device lifespans, and increased energy consumption. ChakraVardhan22 addresses these challenges by:

  • Heat Accumulation: Efficiently dissipates heat in compact and powerful electronic devices, preventing thermal throttling.
  • Energy Waste: Reduces the energy required for cooling systems, enhancing overall device efficiency.
  • Maintenance Frequency: Offers a durable solution that minimizes the need for replacements, reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Our solutionCutting-Edge Cooling

ChakraVardhan22 introduces a groundbreaking thermal interface material that transforms heat management with nanotechnology, optimizing both performance and energy usage.


  • Enhanced device performance through optimal temperature regulation.
  • Significant reduction in energy consumption, supporting greener electronics.
  • Increased durability and reduced electronic waste.
  • Minimal variability and consistent performance across applications.
  • User-friendly application with no special expertise required.


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Affordable and clean energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

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Responsible consumption and production

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Our marketsTarget Markets and Applications

  • Data Centers: Ideal for managing heat in high-performance servers.
  • Consumer Electronics: Enhances efficiency and performance in devices like laptops and smartphones.
  • Automotive Electronics: Crucial for reliability in vehicle electronic systems.
  • Industrial Systems: Offers solutions for thermal management in manufacturing processes.