The problemTransforming Coconut Water Extraction

  • Labor Intensive Methods: Traditional coconut water extraction is laborious and time-consuming, requiring manual effort.
  • Inconsistent Quality: Variability in extraction methods can lead to inconsistent taste and quality of coconut water.
  • Limited Accessibility: Small-scale vendors and households lack access to efficient and hygienic coconut water extraction solutions.

CocoSwirl addresses these challenges by automating the extraction process, ensuring consistent quality, and enhancing accessibility for all users.

Our solutionAutomated Excellence in Coconut Water Extraction

Experience the future of coconut water extraction with CocoSwirl, designed to streamline efficiency and elevate quality standards.


  • Enhanced efficiency, extracting coconut water in just 3 minutes per coconut.
  • Improved hygiene and purity with integrated filtering.
  • Versatile design accommodates coconuts of various sizes.
  • Affordable pricing, making automated extraction accessible.
  • Easy to use and maintain, suitable for both commercial and residential settings.


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Our marketsTarget Audience

  • Small-scale vendors: Increase operational efficiency and product consistency.
  • Households: Enjoy fresh, hygienic coconut water conveniently at home.
  • Hotels & Restaurants: Enhance beverage offerings with consistent quality coconut water.