The problemTransforming Floral Garland Production

Floral garland production faces several challenges that impact quality, efficiency, and scalability:

  • Labor Intensity: Traditional methods require skilled labor, limiting scalability and increasing production costs.
  • Production Bottlenecks: Manual processes struggle to meet high demand during peak seasons, leading to delays and missed opportunities.
  • Quality Variability: Handcrafted garlands often vary in quality, affecting customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Flowerscale addresses these challenges by automating the flower stringing process with precision and efficiency, ensuring consistent quality and optimizing production rates.

Our solutionAutomated Precision in Floral Garland Making

Flowerscale introduces a revolutionary solution for floral garland producers, automating the intricate process of tying flowers such as mullai and malli. Our advanced technology streamlines production, reduces labor dependency, and ensures uniformity in garland quality.

Flowerscale integrates cutting-edge technology to advance the floral industry's manufacturing capabilities. By automating labor-intensive processes, Flowerscale enhances productivity and supports sustainable economic growth.


  • Drastically improves production efficiency and throughput.
  • Ensures consistent quality and uniformity in floral garland production.
  • Reduces labor costs and operational expenses.
  • Streamlines production workflows, minimizing bottlenecks.
  • Positions businesses at the forefront of technological innovation in the floral industry.


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Our marketsTargeted Solutions for Floral Producers

  • Small-scale Producers: Enhance productivity during peak seasons.
  • Event Planners: Ensure consistent quality for ceremonial garlands.
  • Traditional Craftsmen: Modernize operations while preserving artisanal craftsmanship.