The problemUnderstanding the Challenges in Hydrogen Storage: High Costs, Reliability, and Safety Concerns

HydroStore addresses key problems associated with hydrogen storage: high cost, unreliability, and safety concerns. It provides a secure and affordable alternative to standard high-pressure hydrogen storage vessels

Our solutionSecure, reliable, and affordable hydrogen storage

HydroStore offers a secure, reliable, and affordable hydrogen storage solution. It utilizes advanced carbon-based materials, implanted metals, and metal alloys for effective hydrogen storage. HydroStore employs Smart-Hydrogen LP Storage (SHLPS) technology, distinguishing it from traditional high-pressure storage options. The focus on long-term performance ensures the durability and reliability of HydroStore's hydrogen storage solution. Data analysis plays a crucial role in HydroStore's approach, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the storage system's behavior.

HydroStore is a revolutionary solution for hydrogen storage, addressing the limitations of traditional high-pressure storage vessels. It utilizes a carbon-based material with implanted metals and metal alloys to enable efficient adsorption and desorption of hydrogen at low pressures and temperatures. The advanced material exhibits a synergistic effect, allowing HydroStore to store a greater amount of hydrogen compared to individual components in their pure form. HydroStore's production process incorporates organic raw materials and innovative technologies to create hydrogen-tight housings equipped with smart features such as remote identification, sensors for monitoring various parameters, and autonomous communication systems. The implanted metals and carbon-based metal alloys retain their adsorption properties over an extended number of cycles, ensuring long-term performance and durability. The comprehensive analytical system employed in HydroStore's production gathers crucial operational data, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the storage vessels' behavior.


  • High payload capacity of up to 1000 kg, enabling efficient transport of large cargo.
  • Extended range of up to 500 km in domestic flights, and in the future, up to 2-3000 km.
  • Use of carbon-neutral fuel options like methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen, reducing environmental impact.
  • Ability to take off and land from water surfaces, expanding delivery possibilities.
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning for enhanced control and reliability.


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Our marketsReliable and Affordable Hydrogen Storage Solutions for Residential and Business Users Across Industries

HydroStore targets both residential and business users who require reliable and affordable hydrogen storage solutions. The product caters to a wide range of industries, including renewable energy, transportation, manufacturing, and more.