The problemRedefining Urban Mobility

Urban environments present numerous challenges for traditional vehicles, including tight parking spaces, congested streets, and limited maneuverability. These issues lead to inefficiencies, frustration for drivers, and increased urban congestion.

Freemover addresses these challenges by offering a revolutionary solution that enables vehicles to move sideways and diagonally without changing their orientation. This capability not only simplifies parking in cramped spaces but also enhances navigation through narrow streets and congested intersections.

Our solutionSeamless Urban Navigation

Freemover introduces a groundbreaking approach to vehicle mobility through its advanced 360-degree steering technology. By allowing vehicles to maneuver effortlessly in any direction, Freemover transforms urban driving into a hassle-free experience.


  • Enhanced maneuverability in urban environments.
  • Optimized parking efficiency.
  • Integration with autonomous driving systems.
  • Reduction in urban congestion and emissions.
  • Improved user experience and convenience.


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Our marketsTarget Markets

  • Urban Dwellers: Simplify daily commuting and parking challenges.
  • Commercial Fleets: Enhance operational efficiency and logistics management.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Developers: Integrate advanced steering technology into autonomous systems for enhanced mobility solutions.